SIZE 8FT X 11FT                                                                              COST:1,000

Your banner should be unique embracing  symbols,  colors, motivational scriptures and phrases that capture the  mission of your Ministry.

On the banner above we include the Ministries colors, the Name of the church, the logo , founding year and ministries heads.   

The symbolic  road leading to the  cross,  the Sword of the Spirit and the  phrase "Reach the Lost at All Cost" expresses the Mission of their Ministry.

Church Theme Banners are often displayed in the main lobby.

Make sure in your request to express the true essence of all you want to lift up to God.   As in Psalm 20:5 -  "We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God".  A banner can gather and unite your congregation to full-fill your mission.

We are committed to Excellence!

Go Judah'

Size: 30" x 40"

     This banner was engineered for a special shape and side structure.

*   Background material is Royal Blue Lame' with an iridescent trim to reflect a

     rainbow of God's Glory.

*   "Go Judah" is a unique 2 dimensional design.  Both the Lion and global world

     demand attention with it's 2" raised surface of gold lame' material and and

     sparkling trim. 

     Cost: $400   


   Genesis 16


  Size: 60" x 36.5"

*   Background Purple Velveteen serving a s a based frame for the full color scene.

*   The "Genesis 16" is a scene for the chapter which served as a theme for Special Conference the lettering is handcrafted in gold lame' with a 1/16 gold beaded trim.  The entire scene is outlined in gold beaded trim which enhances the details of the materials.

COST: $500 (all scenes are estimated by level of difficulty)

   Kingdom Fellowship

Size: 30" x 40"

Often a Ministry has a symbol, image, or crest in their logo.  Your Ministries logo  can be made into a banner to display in the lobby of your sanctuary. The example banner was designed by a specific request for a "crown" and bible " to be part of the imagery. 

* The background is blue lame"  and the side bars gold lame.

* A special designed for the top and side panels was created to take on the form of a crest  or  emblem.

* The art of the crown and bible are several materials to shine and sparkle with the vision of entering in a kings palace.

* The Minister's title is in a gold leaf calligraphy.

Cost: $400

Life Changing Ministries




       Suede leather, velvet, beads, sequins and to the spirit of

                excellence  the stones of the 12 tribes of Judah.   

               The bottom patch is  removable to add the  new churches 

               that come under the head Life Changing Ministries  like

              Victory Church Of God .

Victory Church of God

SIZE  24 IN X 36 IN                                 COST $300

Tabernacle Of Victory

SIZE  48 IN X 60IN                                 COST $450

Tabernacle Of Victory

The Passion Of the Ministry Head for Tabernacle of Victory was proclaim the "Word" God placed in their hearts and the vision to be a place of Worship for all nations.

SIZE: 30" X 40"                                                          COST:  $400