Wedding  Banners

     Size: 30" x 40"   Cost: $300 

   Descending Doves

Pearl adorned doves descending with the a gift from  God . . . gold satin rings join together symbolizing forever love.   This special designed crescent shape is made with white satin and silver lame'.   This beautiful banner is a family keepsake for the generations to pass to your lovely daughters.  The letters are hand painted with a gold sparkle for a risen embossed finish.



                                                 Theme Wedding Banners

             These  designs  compliment the brides 

             theme colors and motif as well to offer up their

             union with an honor of praise.  This banner's

             theme displays wedding bells, more traditional

             themes are doves,  wedding rings, the

             the brides  bouquet,  and bride and groom

             figures.  A Wedding banner may  also display

            your favorite or  wedding vow.  These        

            displays can  serve as a backdrop for photos

            and your sweetheart table      


Size: 30" x 40"                                                                           Cost: $350

Rose Bouquet Banner

Your roses will be made  to match the bridal bouquet, trimmed with gold ribbon, with gold leaves and sparkling pastel highlights.   A specially  designed crescent shape is made to order your wedding colors and accent any bridal display.  This banner is personalized with the names of the bride and groom with letters hand painted with gold sparkles for a risen embossed finish.

 Details To Come!