" The Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven"

               SIZE  5FT X 7FT                                                               COST : $600

                     *Combination of Canvas Acrylic painting and glorious fabrics.



   Size: 48" x 72"

* The Background is a  Royal Blue Velveteen. The border is a feather weight tubing covered with silver lame' fabric to emulate historic cathedral organ pipes.

* The word  "NOW" becomes 2 dimensional  made with a 2 inch foam cut to protrude from any angle covered by a iridescent mirror ball fabric which illuminates through out the sanctuary.

All other letters are silver lame' outlined with a silver braided trim.

*   The "Glory Cloud " (representing God's presence) is also 2 dimensional made of foam covered by a white satin fabric.  The "Rain" (representing God's promise) is an array of gold, silver, blue, pink  and white silk glitter paint to create the reflection of a rainbow with in the rain.

*   "Every tongue shall confess" is the story told at the bottom of this banner representing many nationalities and faiths proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord.  Each character is adorned with gold braided trim.

COST: $650


        SIZE: 60" x 48 "                                                                          

* The Background is a  Cranberry Velvet The border is a gold lame' fabric to trim in gold and silver iridescent gold.

Our Father in heaven is made with white satin and outline with a braided silver trim.

* God holds the heart shaped world is  made with a 3 inch foam cut to protrude from any angle, covered by a gold satin fabric.  The countries  are created with gold paint , braided trim and textures of fabric.

All scripture lettering  is raised 1/2 off the surface and hand painted gold sparkle paint.

* The "topper"  is a special 2 dimensional design trimmed with gold lame fabric and three gold and crystal ornaments.

* The "worshipers"  I are various layers of gold fabrics , trims and textures .

 Cost: $500


                           Size: 48" x 72"

*   Background Royal Blue Velveteen.  The topper  is an incredible silver iridescent

     material that that reflects a bright rainbow of color all over the sanctuary. 

*   The "Overflow" letters are 2 dimensionally attached decorated with the silver

     iridescent material and outlined with a silver trim.

*   All other letters are silver lame' outlined with trim.

*   The water and oil consists of 5 difference gold, silver, blue and white silk materials

     to create the reflection of flowing oil ( anointing ) and water (the word of God).

*   The gold vases are filled for the 2 dim. effect and are adorned with multi-

    colored stones and gold sequins.

    COST: $700




    Pastoral Convention banner with 

    the theme "Fresh Oil".

    SIZE 45 in.  x 5ft

    COST: $500


"Let's Worship"

Making Room For More"